Month: July 2014

Rare Oil Painting Available on the Secondary Market

View from the Alcazar, Segovia is a rare example of my oil painting style from the late 80’s.  I worked primarily with the silkscreen producing limited edition prints of my travels during this time.  I produced a small number of larger works in oil.  This is an excellent example of the late phase of this style.  In 1990 my interest moved  away from the decorative to the more emotional and expressive style.  This piece represents the high point in the first phase of my Career.  

Oil Painting 20"H x 60"W $3000.00

Oil Painting
20″H x 60″W

I also produced a limited edition serigraph of this scene that was smaller in size.  It had twenty one layers of overlapping transparent silk-screen inks.  It was very popular and sold out quickly.

Other works from this period

Bacino Orseola-Venetian Canal Scene

Original limited edition Silk-Screen Print


Original Limited Edition Silk-Screen Print

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