Spring 2021-Fun Fake News

Satirical Fauxto Collage and Other Digital Techniques

The Great RepubliQon Schism Pope
Pope Pompous Sexus of The Great RepubliQon Schism needs you
Throne of Guns with Angels
Pope Pompous Sexus on the Throne of Guns with Avenging Angels at the Papal Palace, Mar a Lago in Palm Beach
Hard working Scribes at Mar a Lago, the Papal Palace in Palm Beach, writing the revisionist history For Pope Pompous Sexus
Knights of the Trumpler – Courtly Love
Pope Pompous and his Crusaders
Knights Trumpler leave Mar a Lago and head toward Arizona to spread the word

“Go forth amongst the gun toting white power people and spread my gospel. Lie and Attack, deflect and distract, never give in and never confess, spread chaos and fear. Get as much publicity as you can.”
Four Horsemen Wreaking Havoc
The Four Horsemen of the Great RepubliQon Schism at the Capitol
The Temptation of St Mitt
The Martyrdom of Cardinal Liz Cheney
January 6 Teenagers and Tourists visit the Capitol
Ron Johnson says, “Teenagers were blowing off steam at the Capitol on Jan 6th”

Founding Fathers watch Congress through the Capitol Dome

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