Over the years I have worked with the hand silkscreen printing, drawing media, quilting and collage. All the while I have continued to paint with acrylic, oils and watercolors. My works are included in these collections Ernst and Young, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Duke, Princeton, UNC, UVA, IBM, Texaco, AT&T, Time Warner, CSX, Verizon and the US State Dept. among others.

One on one art lessons-Finishing the Mermaid Doll


Logans finished Mermaid

This doll had a crazy start.  My great niece liked to play with old Barbies from the time she was a baby and she loved the Little Mermaid so I made a tail that would fit over the Barbie Legs.  I came across this tail the other day and needing a refresher course in doll making, I thought,  I will start with this. You see my great niece is 7 now and she wants to make a Mermaid Doll.  I made a pattern for the upper body and the arms, assembled and stuffed, embellished and used embroidery to make the face.  I will make the hair next.  Orange it will be.

My mermaid dolls

Mermaid Doll
3 Part Paper Pattern
My mermaid doll
mermaid Doll
Mermaid Doll with Serpentine Arms finished!
Mermaid Doll
Mermaid with Serpentine Arms
Cotton Rag Dolls
Cotton Rag Doll
Cotton Rag Doll
Detail with Hair
Cotton Rag Doll
view from behind
Cotton Rag Doll
Full View

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