Over the years I have worked with the hand silkscreen printing, drawing media, quilting and collage. All the while I have continued to paint with acrylic, oils and watercolors. My works are included in these collections Ernst and Young, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Duke, Princeton, UNC, UVA, IBM, Texaco, AT&T, Time Warner, CSX, Verizon and the US State Dept. among others.

Rag Dolls–Alpaca Hair and the Bath Town Dolls

I was inspired to make dolls for a while. Two converging experience caused this. I was helping my great aunt finish a quilting project that had been laying around for a longtime. It was important to let her complete as much on her own. I was just a guiding force. While she would work I would get supplies ready. We had a regular assembly line going. Sometimes I would get ahead and so I would poke around her sewing room. She had always been a great crafter over the years. I came upon these old Raggedy Ann patterns. So with her input I made my first Ann and Andy. In the process my mind was working and I thought of ways to change the look by altering the shapes of the patterns. My first thought was to make them into puppets like marionettes. I never went that far just designing and playing with them was enough.
At the same time I had set up a studio in Bath NC. This delightful Colonial Town inspired all sorts of new ideas. Pirate dolls, Mermaids and on and on. I enjoyed making theme, I sold some and gave them away as special gifts. I had several BlackBeards and Wenches, some jesters and even a Jack Sparrow, General George Washington and Martha. They were all constructed like the Raggedy Ann but out of more scrappy stuff. I was spurred on by the imaginings of colonial life thanks to the town of Bath.

Brother from Another Planet and Princess Leia sitting on the shelf in the sewing room.  Brother was inspired from a shrunken Alpaca sock and some scraps of wool, and cotton.  Princess Leia started as two shoulder pads and a baby sweater and some wool knit.

The Bath Town Dolls

Cotton Rag Dolls
Rosebud and Colonial Couple
Colonials Black Jack and Annie
Bath Town Pirate and a Wench
Cotton Rag Dolls
The Witches

Hand Puppet

Hand Puppet
The Master AKA The Trickster Four fingers manipulate this hand puppet

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