Over the years I have worked with the hand silkscreen printing, drawing media, quilting and collage. All the while I have continued to paint with acrylic, oils and watercolors. My works are included in these collections Ernst and Young, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Duke, Princeton, UNC, UVA, IBM, Texaco, AT&T, Time Warner, CSX, Verizon and the US State Dept. among others.

Winter Watercolor Studies


Pursuing a new direction is always tough.  Stepping out of the comfort zone and finding the time to work on new ideas is also a challenge.  I managed to do some works this winter that I had been thinking about for while.  I am not sure where it will take me.  

Nap Time 1
Watercolor Reading
Bedtime Stories 20″H x 16″W $300.00
Morning Media
Quilting in the Kitchen
Nap Time 2

Sometimes frustration sets in and you fall back on old more comfortable habits

coastal watercolor painting
Coastal Fantasy Landscape (sold)
Mountain Fantasy Garden 22″H x 19″W $400.00

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