Quilts Speak at NC Museum of History

Highlights from our day at the Quilt In with the Cedar Grove Quilters

NC history Museum Quilt In

Sarah Troxler at NC History Museum

Quilts by Cedar Grove Quilters at the Quilt In

Quilts by Nancy Oliver, Marcia McDade, Ruth Richardson and Joanne Mathis

Cedar Grove Quilts at the Quilt In

Orange Peel by Sarah Troxler, Small works by Kathi Lewis, and Morning Glories by Shirley Scarlett

Quilt In with Cedar Grove Quilters

Quilt Design by Barbara Phillips

Cedar Grove Quilters

Rachel Ray, Shirley Scarlett, Marianne Kimbro, Ruth Richardson

Members of Cedar Grove Quilters at NC Museum of History

Sarah Troxler, Marianne Kimbro, Ruth Richardson, Guest Quilter, Shirley Scarlett, Rachel Ray

Cedar Grove Quilters

Shirley Scarlett, Rachel Ray, Sarah Troxler

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