Over the years I have worked with the hand silkscreen printing, drawing media, quilting and collage. All the while I have continued to paint with acrylic, oils and watercolors. My works are included in these collections Ernst and Young, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Duke, Princeton, UNC, UVA, IBM, Texaco, AT&T, Time Warner, CSX, Verizon and the US State Dept. among others.

New Embellished Monotypes 2022

Bee Branch & Slope II 16"H x 12"W embellished monotype unframed $400.00

Piedmont Craftsmen Gallery
Opening November 4th
Marcia McDade McMann Featured Artist

Snow rolling in II (spring) embellished monotypes 9″ x 12″ unframed. $300.00

 Most recently I have been using a simple printing technique to produce varied impressions on a theme.  Vistas, streams and rockscapes encountered on my favorite hiking routes provide the subject matter.
I choose an image from a sketch or watercolor study that was made on site. I photograph the study and reverse the image on my tablet, then I paint a loose impression on glass with printing inks and water base oils.  I press paper onto the glass and pull a one of a kind print.  I use this print as a point of departure for embellishment with soft pastels and colored pencil and sometimes paint while I refer back to the original study.   This  printing process has been employed by artist throughout history to produce unexpected textures that enhance the surfaces for drawing and paintings. Decalcomania

Snow Rolling In framed 19″H x 22″W $350.00
(Snow Poles) Dusting of Snow “H x 12″W unframed . $300.00
Majesty 4 embellished monotype 19" H x 22"W $350.00 framed
Majesty 4 embellished monotype 19″ H x 22″W framed $350.00
Majesty X (Fall) 19″H x 22″W framed $400.00
Voluminous Cliffs-Majesty Spring embellished monotype 9″H x 12”W unframed $300.00
Majesty Cold Morning 9″H x 12″W embellished monotype unframed $300.00
Blue Majesty (XI) framed embellished monotype framed $350.00
Western Storm embellished monotype 17″H x 20″W. framed $350.00
Eno Confluence 1 20″H x 20″W framed $550.00
Eno Confluence II 21.5″H x 25.5W framed. $550.00
Bee Branch and Slope 1 21.5 W x 25″H framed 550.00
Air Currents Enlighten embellished monotype unframed $300.00
Healing Earth 22.5 "H x 19.5"W embellished monotype $425.00
Healing Earth 22.5 “H x 19.5″W embellished monotype framed $425.00
Bee Branch & Slope II 16"H x 12"W embellished monotype unframed $400.00
Bee Branch & Slope II 16″H x 12″W embellished monotype unframed $400.00
Heal Me Light 24"H x 19"W $450.00
Heal Me Light 24″H x 19″W framed. $425.00

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