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Finishing a Watercolor Painting in the Mountains

Colorful watercolor of Mountain rocks garden

Unfinished Watercolor

Every watercolor I work on is an exercise in capturing the flickering light that is experienced in nature. I try to combine that light with colorful elements that flash before me while I move through an area. I love spending time in the mountains in the summer because I can get outside and hike around to experience these elements easily.

Colorful mountain garden landscape watercolor

Fantasy Mountain Garden

Here are some photo notes I took yesterday on a walk.

A New String Quilt 2018

Finished on June 24th in 2019

The Blue and Yellow color scheme is a favorite of mine these days. After an inventory purging and reorganization of my quilting scrapes I am ready to start. I have come up with a pattern and I think I can pull it off with Four different string blocks. I am using a paper piecing technique.

Sorting and Ironing String Scraps
What a process.

Blue and Yellow

all my blue and yellow fabric scraps

Blue and Yellow

Fabric Scraps to be ironed

Blue and Yellow Scraps

I have been ripping some of the scraps so that the process goes faster.


I like to use tissue paper for paper piecing strings because it tears off easily

My sketch of the pattern and the number of squares I think I will need: 16 yellow patches, 76 blue and yellow patches, 12 light value (pale) patches, and 28 dark blue patches.  These numbers will change I am sure!
**If you look at the quilt you will see that I did not use any of the yellow squares.  It was a nice idea but I came to the conclusion that since the room was yellow–the all yellow patches would be too much.
The only yellow square is in the center and is made up of 4 yellow-blue squares.

for sketching and figuring graph paper works well


As you can see I like to design as I go.  This sketch today will help me to make some more adjustments while I am making the squares. At the present I have made 21 squares. I have enough to layout the center section and I can see that some adjustments are in order.

The corner where you see the B’s I will add the light blue strips. So I need to make 8 light+dark blue squares. This will provide a nice border in both the inner and the outer bands.


I have now added the dark blue and yellow string blocks which surround the lighter blue string blocks. Next I think I will add another row of lighter blue blocks.


The blue border I added did not work so well this time.  It stretched during the sewing and did not lay flat.  It was on a roll and I inherited it and have had it a long time.  I think it is time to give it to the scrap exchange.  It was trouble!

I Hand quilted this by myself and it took me over a month and then I finished it off with a yellow ochre print binding.


Final stitches on June 24th 2019

WATERCOLOR-Again after 30 years


The work space and the tools
Follow me and see how I progress
It is always a process


#1.  watercolor
5″h x 7″w
Clay Board

The nice thing about this surface-you can move the paint around without scrubbing.  You do need to spray it with a fixative once


#2  watercolor
9.5” h x 10.5″w
Fabriano 300 lb cold press paper

Rare Oil Painting Available on the Secondary Market

View from the Alcazar, Segovia is a rare example of my oil painting style from the late 80’s.  I worked primarily with the silkscreen producing limited edition prints of my travels during this time.  I produced a small number of larger works in oil.  This is an excellent example of the late phase of this style.  In 1990 my interest moved  away from the decorative to the more emotional and expressive style.  This piece represents the high point in the first phase of my Career.  

Oil Painting 20"H x 60"W $3000.00

Oil Painting
20″H x 60″W

I also produced a limited edition serigraph of this scene that was smaller in size.  It had twenty one layers of overlapping transparent silk-screen inks.  It was very popular and sold out quickly.

Other works from this period

Bacino Orseola-Venetian Canal Scene

Original limited edition Silk-Screen Print


Original Limited Edition Silk-Screen Print

if you would like to see more examples of this work go to